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Tiarnie 'Don't ask me' Sydney launch

Writing songs at 2am on her floordrobe is how Tiarnie tries to make sense of the magical, messy moments of her early 20's. A true over-thinker, over-feeler and over-sharer, her lyrical vulnerability is matched with a fierce vocal tone, captivating melodies, intricate guitar riffs and punchy percussion. Tiarnie is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and most importantly - a storyteller. Growing up on a cattle farm on the outskirts of Canberra - Wallaroo - listening to the likes of Paul Kelly, Missy Higgins and Cold Chisel inspired Tiarnie's passion for Australian music and love of profound songwriting.

Tiarnie released her debut EP 'Consistently Inconsistent' in February 2020, with the feature single 'I'm Fine' garnering attention from record labels and love from Triple J national radio and Unearthed. 'Consistently Inconsistent' documents the beautiful, messy moments of your early twenties; heartbreak from unrequited love, being homesick, struggling with mental health, the intricacies of relationships, challenging gender norms, and aching for human connection.

In her newest single 'Don't Ask Me', Tiarnie fearlessly explores her sexuality and the constant tug-of-war between the comfortability of a stable relationship and the excitement of the unknown. In Tiarnie's words, 'Don't Ask Me' is "a personal song about struggling with my sexuality and how identifying as queer affects my current heterosexual relationship. Your early 20’s are a confusing time because we’re made to feel like we’re supposed to have ourselves figured out and know what we want - be it professionally or romantically - whilst we’re still so young and have no idea".

Friday 20th November. 8pm

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