Project Name

The Natural Culture - Where the sun shines

With soulful grooves and impeccable musicianship, The Natural Culture unites the vibrant spirit of world

music, encompassing jazz, funk, soul, blues and reggae, everywhere they go. Dynamic, uplifting and

fun, their music is a harmonious combination of artfully written songs and powerful musical phrasing.

Crowds can't help but let loose to their infectious energetic tunes, enticing the coolest of Grandpas,

multifaceted millennials and the most tempestuous toddlers, to get up and cut their own groove on the


Following on from the success of their debut album in 2011, the seed was planted for their evolution

into a semi-nomadic tribe, uniquely living and breathing music together through every waking hour.

Inspired by a united professional grounding that runs through their music like blood runs through veins,

they can now be found traversing the east coast of Australia, Europe and Asia taking stages of all sizes by

storm. Having opened for classic pop icons such as Mental As Anything, performed at the Augustibluus

BluesFest in Estonia, participated in short festival shows and secured long-term seasonal gigs, they are

also right at home marching into burger joints spontaneously ‘bombing” unsuspecting audiences or

blending seamlessly into the rich traditions of the funky, old school New Orleans set.

Their distinctive sound combines the best of the old schools with the new, and embodies a tapestry of

cultural diversity, world harmony, community engagement and respect for environmental sustainability.

Supported by a loyal and adoring following in person and across social platforms, they offer a versatile

and maturing sound that is rapidly attracting the attention of serious music fans globally.

Doors from 7pm

Friday 26th of March, 2021. From 7pm

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