Project Name

The Natural Culture

The Natural Culture (TNC) will excite, make you move, groove, reflect, forgive, and release. The depth of TNC’s passion cannot be put into words. Influences drawn from their universal love and respect of Nature and the strength from building culture. Their national and international touring live show is infectious high energy fun like a New Orleans second line meets a Caribbean beach party. TNC are on a musical journey sowing their creative seeds to grow and nurture a brighter future, play their part for the earth, and build a legacy. Life is Music and Music is their life, continually paying their dues.

What makes a good time matter? You do! And let The Natural Culture’s music speak for itself!

TNC have toured extensively throughout Australia, Europe and Asia taking stages of all sizes by storm with three EPs under their belt. Their latest release ‘Where the sun shines’ was launched in the beginning of 2021, receiving modest success and positive reviews from fans and music critics alike. The continued success on the road and in the studio have enabled The Natural Culture to earn a sustainable living purely from touring, selling merch and performing music. With love and respect for nature and global sustainability in mind, they continue to plan and record new releases with hope, positivity, and enthusiasm for what is to come for the future.

Doors from 7pm

Fri 30th of September - from 7pm

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