Project Name

Spring Affair 2021

Sydney’s newest music festival hits Boogie Mountain @ Potts Point Hotel showcasing the cream of local emerging talent.

With a beatnik’s flair; Sydney based artist JORDAN KENNY crafts a smiling and timeless

energy. Featuring hints of a folky quirkiness and a kindling poetic voice, his eclectic writing

style is artfully composed with forward-thinking altruism and a dreamy complexity.

TRASH SPRINGFIELD are a 3-piece band lead by the front woman of the same name.

Trash’s raw, honest and sometimes confronting lyrics are balanced by her catchy riffs and

unique baritone. After years of performing around Sydney as a soloist, she now has a band

together and has just released her debut E.P!

Formed over the Covid divide, teenage obsessions with Paramore and a mutual love for

power chords – meet the girl band, who have taken Sydney by storm. LARISKA blend the

aftermath of pop-punk and indie-rock with blistering riffs, mouth-watering hooks and a

lyrical sensibility, that only frontwoman Emily could wield.

NO HALO are an indie rock band from Newtown who have roots in the alternative, new

age sound of music. The band offer their unique sounds that highlights their teenage angst

through reminisce and memories. Formed in their first year of music school, the band

connected with their love of early 2000s rock music. Taking influences from the era and

combining modern components that have successfully created a sound that is

recognisable to their name.

‘WANT OF PEACE’ is the artistic diary of singer/songwriter Grant Rutups. It is a project that has

two conceptual albums and three animated music videos to its name, all visualised and

completed by Grant himself. Whether its lo-fi spaced out meditations or claustrophobic pop

ballads; ‘Want of Peace’ provides an original experience replete with boundless creativity and


BLOOD BLOSSOMS sit somewhere between folk, rock and pop, While you’ll hear lush

strings, horns and keyboard wizardry on any of their 3 albums, in a live setting a simple

guitar and vocal is preferred. W/ 2 previous 2ser Album of the Week nods to their name

and a 4th album currently under construction, Blood Blossoms are shaking off the studio

tan and hitting the Sydney live music scene once again.

Fri 5th of November. From 8pm