Project Name

Sonic CTRL

Blistering tempos, rock-solid guitar riffs, screaming sturdy solos, sweet melodic delicacies, and

acoustic interludes is a taste of what SONIC CTRL offers on stage and in the recorded music

realm. Formed in late 2019, Kelly, Dax, Ryan, and Chris excitedly began collaboratively writing

and creating their sound. The variety of their sonic backgrounds, each bringing songwriting

skills, has combined to create a fresh batch of rocking originals. Even they were amazed by

the chemistry.

At the forefront is Kelly with her strong and powerful lead vocals. As a creative lyricist her words

will leave listeners wandering through perspectives previously not considered. Shifting

seamlessly between serious and not so serious themes, the passion and intensity never falters.

The entire band lend their voices providing depth and variety. The double guitars of both Kelly

and Dax alternate between searing leads, catchy riffs, and driving power. Chris and Ryan

hold down a solid groove that keeps everything tight.

With SONIC CTRL the power and effectiveness of two guitars, bass, and drums has been

reaffirmed. Combined with powerful vocals, catchy tunes, and a sense of fun they are

unstoppable. It is almost a religious experience. Check them out now because it’s happening

and they are in control.

Doors from 7pm

Friday 2nd April. From 7pm

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