Project Name

Last Thursday

Emerging yet accomplished young band, Last Thursday, launch the first single from their forthcoming second EP, ‘Tamed’ at Boogie Mountain Saturday December 5th. 'Tamed' is led by a captivating bassline and intricate guitar lines, the song is emblematic of Last Thursday’s brand of pop-rock - influenced by Australian rock icons such as Gang of Youths and Middle Kids whilst remaining distinctly ‘Last Thursday’.

In the word’s of vocalist Euan Hart - ‘I was walking in the park with my ex and the lyrics sorta popped into my head and I wrote them down in my phone notes before I lost them. I think the song is rather self-explanatory, but it’s about the familiar feeling of being in a relationship that you probably shouldn’t be in due to the fear of loss that prevents you from leaving. You sort of know when the time is up, but you fight that feeling for a while because it’s easier to remain where you are. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t and all that jazz”.

Saturday 5th of December - from 8pm

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